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HIV story ( need to get off my chest)

I got surgery back in 2004 and i dont kno if i got blood transfusion but i can ask parents but is it possible to ask doctors to see if i did get a blood transfusion?!?

now that i know of how HIV is spread....  but why would they hospital have infected blood at their blood bank? Do they check it?

idk im just confused now that i know of all that.... (sux)
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either way my parents said they ddindnt use transfusion
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If you are in the US/EU, there is no chance that you got HIV from blood transfusion.  Blood gets carefully screened for HIV prior to transfusions.
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thanks, got good answers man
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Hi there,

Yap, you need to get it of of you chest and also get HIV out of your mind......

I recommend you speak to a doctor instead of trying to find answer thru internet.
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