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HIV symptoms - scaly dry skin and white spot in mouth

      Hi, somebody please help.  Firstly, please forgive my poor english.  I don't want to repeat my old thread, it is on this link : http://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV-Prevention/HIV-symptoms-/show/1092936
I am really worry again, because two weeks ago, I got this scaly dry skin on the side of my body.  The color is very light pink, irregular shape and flat .  Not itchy or pain (area size is about 1cm).  It's been there for more than 2 weeks already and it doesn't go.  Also I have this white spot inside my mouth that hurts two days ago.  (I have white hairy tongue for years).  Also I feel bit pain on the back of the neck.  Well, it is not really pain, but I wouldn't call it comforting, my back neck and the shoulder feel extremly tired all the time.  A little bit pain when I press my neck.  What make me really worry like sick is I never have this kind of scaly dry skin before. Also I rarly has infection in my mouth even I am a smoker.  Could anybody please tell me if this is the ARS symptoms?
1./ Does late HIV infection stage, symptoms come up slowly like step by step or it just all pop out at once and turn to AIDS from HIV ?
2./ Does the symptoms show up after early infection (but before it turning to AIDS) ?    

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you were never at risk.

if you are having health problems...see your doctor...it's NOT hiv related.

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I always use condom, but I never take a look and see if the condom ever break or not in the past.   About incident about a month ago.  I have unprotected sex for less than 1 minute (before I wear my condom).   I feel so regret now.  I am trying to forget about all these symptoms.  However, the symptoms pop out like one by one.  I am really close to have a mental break down.   The blisters on my thigh never goes away, they are itchy all the time.  Doctor give me antibiotic cream and I have to use it for more than a year, I couldn't live without the antibiotic cream otherwise those blister will itchy to death.  The blister quatity is getting more and more and spread from my thigh to my bum.  Each time can pop out like 10 to 20 each time and they are very itchy but no pain.  It is really embarassing during my work.   I have a swallon lymph node behind my ear few weeks ago.  Now I have a white spot that hurt in my mouth (I rarely have this for years) and that scaly dry skin is the most annoying part.  
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Anyone please help
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If its on the bend of your inner thigh it could be a fungal infection. Antibiotics won't work. Try some antifungal cream.
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ooops...i missed your second incident where you had unprotected sex for less than a minute.  it is highly unlikely that you contracted hiv from this exposure...but you should go ahead and test to know your status.

stop with the "symptom checker"...hiv cannot be diagnosed by symptoms.

a test 3 months post your last exposure will give you a conclusive result.
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