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HIV symptoms?

hi there jsut a quick question. i am extremely worried that i may have contracted hiv. about 3weeks ago i had unprotected oral sex with a sex worker within her flat. she then used lubrication and provided protection for full sex. but heres the weird part.
3weeks on i have had these symtpoms occuring in order:- sore throat, tightness of breathing, chesty cough, then feverm then a worsened chesty cough but NO blocked nose at all. i went to doctors he said a virus was causing my cough but now i am worried incase it could be HIV. the reason being that after i had ejaculated i kept on having sex for several moments and now im afraid the condom may have burst because ive heard this increases the chances of doing so. i also had herpes present on my penis at the time.
just to add also my mates have all got this flu jsut now but i appear to be only one without a blocked nose but i have not left any windows open and have been sleeping in t shirt and trousers under the covers. i am worried sick.
i am goign for a test next week and that will be 4weeks.
(a) whats my chances of hiv based on these symptoms?
(b0 does lubrication decrease sexual safetey even when a condom is used?
(c) this quote especially had made me paranoid ...
"Unfortunately, many people's first symptom of HIV involves the respiratory system, illustrating why HIV testing is so important. Any cough or shortness of breath could be a sign of bacterial pneumonia or pneumocystis (carinii) jiroveci pneumonia (PCP)"
however is this at the stage after hiv has fully developed?
also do sex workers that dont work from the streets tend to be less hiv stricken thn others?
many thanks. a worried man. p.s ignore my previous post as this was too detailed.
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ive heard its 2-12 weeks.
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if the condom had failed...you would have known without a doubt.  it would look like a frayed hula hoop and would be exposing your penis.

protected sex = no risk.
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thats the thing lizzie i was still drunk from the night before i cant remember if it did. thts whats causing me the anxiety. however i have noticed that some say a dry cough only occurs after the hiv is into the stage after primary infection. is this true?
also see a large node or whatever it is on your neck is that big that you could notice it from a few feet or can it be rather small. i apepar to have a small enlarged lump on bottom of my neck however i am not sure if this evolved cause of coughing.
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it's pretty simple...

if you had unprotected sex...you test
if you did not...testing is not needed.
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many thanks for your advice its much appreciated. however just before this conversation ends can a cough be an early sign of hiv? thats my main question. and also if the condom did burst after ejaculation  for talking sake would i still be at risk if i only kept oging for say a minute maximum.
again thanks for ur advice and may the work of the gd people on here continue.
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not exactly encouraging comments teak is it.
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Say good bye.. Again...
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your posts are being deleted because you are giving out incorrect information.
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