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HIV symptoms?

If someone has unprotected sex with a person whose HIV status is unknown, then a week or so later, they have a cold and diahrrea..would this count as 'symptoms'? Or would the cold and diahrrea have to last for a long time and make the person seriously ill, before it's thought of as symptoms?
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If someone had undprotected sex he should be tested 3 months after . Simple as that :)
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What's with the obsession of showing the link to my first ever forum post?

The question I asked is different to that one anyway..
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What is your obsession of asking over an over again when you have already been given your assessment? You additional question has nothing to do with YOUR exposure.

If you believe you have been exposed to HIV and want help to judge your risk, would like advice about HIV testing, or have questions about the effectiveness of condoms or risks associated with specific sexual practices, this is the site for you.

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Anxious..paranoid..take your pick..

I was wondering..which is why I posted this question.

Now I'm wondering why some of the people who comment on here are so rude.
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I am sorry you feel people are rude, but I have realized that its quite frustrating for people having to answer the same question over and over again. This is not a site for relief of anxiety and paranoia, the bottom line is once you've been assessed, if you don't believe them in the first place, you probably won't believe anything else, and if you need further assurance,  you should get a test or talk to your doctor.
There is an anxiety forum of you feel you need assistance with your anxiety.
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