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HIV symptoms? Please help.

Here are my symptoms:
*Sore throat for more than 3 months. It's been worse for the past few days + I've had a cough for a few days now.
*Stomach problems - bloating, gas, burping, alternating diarrhea and constipation (most of the time I'm constipated), mucus in stool at times.
*Hissing sound in ears for months.
*My last two periods have been very light compared to how heavy they used to be. And I supposed to start my period about 4 days ago and it still hasn't started yet.
*Been having a thin, white/clear discharge for about 4 months. It's quite heavy most of the time. No itching or pain though.
*Chills. I don't shake or feel cold for a long time straight. It's just that sometimes like a cold wave goes through me and makes me shake. This happens even when I'm not cold. Also I have cold fingers even when not cold.
*I sometimes feel like my muscles are pulsating. Especially in the legs.
* I have lost about 4,5 kilograms in the past 6 months without trying.

I haven't had sex or used needles. But about 4 or 5 years ago I used someone's razor for at least 25 times without asking their permission (I know, stupid, but I didn't know better back then). I don't know whether she is infected or not. And I have no way of finding out either. I've read online that there's a slim chance that you can get infected like this. Could I have HIV or are these symptoms related to some other conditions? I can't have a test done anytime soon either :(
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You had no risk for HIV. See a Dr for your issues.
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Hi, read my post i posted today "Not HIV but HPV"

your symptoms are exactly what i'm referring to.
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No risk
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I should add that i have the same identical symptoms right down to the cold wave which lasts for like 3 seconds when it happens. I also have the hissing ears, twitching legs.stomach problems.
do you have abnormal noises coming from your stomach area?
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"do you have abnormal noises coming from your stomach area?"

Yes. Gurgling, whining sounds and sometimes sounds I can't even explain. Happens even when not hungry and especially when lying down.
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We have the same thing going on....i really think its HPV.....and you stated you haven't had any sexual contact before this happened?
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I've never had sex/sexual contact, yes.
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Hows your appetite mine is almost defeated.....plus i have like a dry mouth
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Less appetite than normal. Dry mouth right now because of the cough. But as far as I've read from internet, HPV rarely causes any symptoms and if does, it's only different kinds of warts.
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there are about 100 types of hpv all have different effect on the body..some effect the moist mucosal tissue like the mouth and stomach
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read about the squamous epithelial cells hpv infects then google " squamous epithelial cells intestines"

way too many people post here with the same symptoms we both are experiencing with no answer to what is causing them.
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I've had the same type of symptoms, I do have hpv. I'm also terrified of a possible HIV infection. have you been tested? I have not been yet, but i really need to soon. this has been causing me so much stress.
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