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HIV symptoms after encounter...

1 week after having unprotected vaginal sex (drunken one night stand) lymph node in right side of neck swelled up for no reason with no sign of infection, no cold, no sore throat, no abscess, nothing.

For the last 6 weeks since then, I have been experiencing all of the following symptoms, all of which are still persisting to this moment.

Pain/burning from nodes in right arm pit and inner elbow and mildy in left pit as well as intermittent pain from nodes in groin. Node in right side of neck is still swollen (slight) and tonsil on right side is swollen (no whiteness). Throat is also inflamed but no pain. Noticed this nearly a month ago and still persists.

Constant headache and ringing in ears. Worsening of pre-existing dermatitis condition (possibly anxiety related).

Possibly a faint redness across right side of torso just noticed recently.

Sat hiv duo test for antigen/antibody at 30 days post exposure which came back negative, doctor assured me test is accurate 28 days post exposure. Tested negative for other std's. Nurse at local doctors practice took blood sample 2 weeks ago and said it came back normal (no idea what they actually tested for).

With the constant headache and persistent lymph node swelling probably fair to say I have an infection of some kind. Also note I never normally get sick. I may/may not have had fever in the first 2 weeks after encounter but wasn't bad enough to notice it as I was experiencing major anxiety at that time. Temp was taken 2 weeks ago by nurse which was normal. Have had mild night sweats on a couple random nights which has stopped.

Took finger prick insti test today (7weeks post exposure) was negative. The better2know clinic in UK state that the RNA PCR test if taken at 10 days post exposure should be followed up by a duo test at 28 days, as the duo test is slightly more sensitive. This would imply that if I've taken a duo test at 30 days, a RNA PCR test taken after that would be redundant. However other sources claim the RNA PCR test is the most sensitive and results from this test at a couple weeks post exposure can be considered conclusive? Is it worth me going for RNA PCR next week (8 weeks post exposure)?

What the hell else could this be?! The nodes, head ache, ear ringing and tonsil are not showing any sign of subsiding 6 weeks on... Please help.
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Hey there.

Definitely 100% HIV Negative, you have tested past 28 days with the most advanced tests ever, this test looks for the virus and our bodies response, you are 100 million percent HIV negative.

Always ensure a condom is used and you will be fine, your Negative HIV result is great news and as accurate as day follows night.

Best Wishes

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