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HIV symptoms after one week?

About one week ago I had unprotected oral sex (both giving and receiving) with another man who said he was disease-free but I have no way to verify that. We also kissed and there was rubbing of the penis along the anus (mutual) but no insertion. I have been very concerned about this encounter ever since it was over and I regret it very much. It is now one week later and I think I'm starting to develop a sore throat. I have no other symptoms (no rash, no nausea, no fever, etc). It is too early for an HIV test but I am panicked over what I might have contracted. I have plans to get tested for gonorreah and other std's tomorrow but the HIV test will have to wait. What are the chances that I've contracted HIV from this encounter? Also, as additional information, we both ejaculated on to my stomach. I think that is safer than in a mouth, yes? Please help!
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You had no HIV risk.
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Kissing,rubbing and oral sex are zero risk for HIV transmission.Time to move forward.
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