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HIV symptoms contagious

So I had an exposure recently that scared me. Turns out that the tests came negative thankfully. During those scary times stressing about whether I had been infected or not I thought:

If one of the common symptoms of ARS were flu-like, would those flu-like symptoms be contagious to others. So if you had just been infected with HIV and the flu-like symptoms you were experiencing were from the HIV would you be able to pass those symptoms off to otherslike an actual flu?

I guess the question would rather be:

Are the flu symptoms of HIV just symptoms that mimic flu or does an acute HIV infection cause you to be highly susceptible to catching an actual infectious flu that can be passed on to others.

This would be a useful thing to know for everyone going through that paranoid self diagnosing of our symptoms, and finding every miniscule little issue with our body.

If someone had flu symptoms and were stressing that it was a sign of a possible HIV symptom, but they noticed that someone close to them got sick straight after being around them it could help them realise that the symptoms are actual flu.
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To answer your question no. It's your body's response to the virus. Not your body being susceptible to other viruses.
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What exactly WAS your exposure?  That makes a big difference in how worried you should be about these things?  Let's start there.  What was your exposure?
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The purpose of the thread is not to discuss my exposure, as I stated that I have been tested negative. The purpose is to clarify my question on the flu-like symptoms so that people reading this forum and stressing about their exposure could try analyse whether the flu symptoms are actual flu or symptoms of something else..
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