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HIV symptoms,when do they appear?

Hello guys, first of all thanks to your supports, specially james and vance you guys have helped me alot!
My question this time isn't about hiv testing. It's something that is about the scientific aspects of this disease.
In one pf the threads I have posted before, members mentioned that if a person is infected with hiv, he/she will have a serious illness after +3 months.
I want to know that is this the case always?
I have read everyvere that hiv often doesn't have any symptoms for years.
Now I am confused
Please keep in mind that I have already accepted my test results and I am not asking the same question
I am just asking about the time frame of hiv related illnesses and whether do they appear all the time?
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True, after the body fights back the viral load will fall usually to a value you can live with but behind the scene it is damaging to the body. A timeline of around 8~10 yrs before one has aids and will need meds to try and regain health.
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ARS symptoms generally occur 2-4 weeks after infection.
Somewhere around
10 % don't experience symptoms.
Ppl are most infectious at this time because the virus is aggressively multiplying itself. When one develops ABs it slows this down and your body begins to rebound. CD4 values increase again but usually not to previous values. At this time an infected person could look completely healthy.
This is why condoms are a must and one should NEVER take someone's word for it that they are STD free when having sex with strangers.
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