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HIV symptoms

just need help. I am a married man and had a sexual incedent without a condom about 8 months ago. I started and relizef what I was doing was wrong and stopped. I was inside the girl for a minute no ejaculation or nothing.  About 2 weeks later I developed balantis it went away and the
two weeks later it came back. I went to the doctor and he gave me a full STD test. It came back like week or two later that I have HSV1&2. But no HIV. I think I know where I got the hsb from. My wife was tested she was negative for HIV as well. Iny visit I did a physical I was also told that my cholestrol was high and I diabetes.  I did nothing to counter my diabetes at the same bad food and put more weight. Now 8 months later I have pins and needles and , numbness and wired stomach feelings. Is this from HIV infection or is my diabetes showing up with symptoms. The symptoms come and through out the day. Is this HIV. Any help would be great
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   The pins and needles sounds and numbness sounds like early neuropathy. How advanced is your diabetes. But the fact that your already experiencing numbness sounds like its progressing pretty fast. Are you insulin dependent? Are these sensations happening at the longer extremeties of your nervous system? IE your feet and legs?

    Your obviously stressed about the HIV thing so you should test again (You implied you tested at 4 weeks) to put your mind at ease.

    With the exception of acute HIV symptoms don't usually appear until the onset of Aids. I am more concerned about your diabetes since it seems to be hitting you pretty fast.
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3 months post exposure gives a reliable and conclusive result.
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