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HIV symptoms

I had a possible HIV exposure on February 19th. Had flu-like symptoms about 4 weeks after. I was tested on March 29th and I tested negative. According to users on this sight, this is a good sign. But still having headaches, diarrhea and loss of appetite. I have noticed that my breasts have enlarged in the past couple of weeks or so. I have heard that this is a sign in women who may be HIV positive. Thoughts on what the heck is going on?
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what was your exposure?
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Sex with a stranger, I believe I heard a condom being put on but I can't be sure, I was drunk. Sex for less than a minute but I know the amount of time doesn't matter. What do you think is going on? I never had any fever, sore throat or rash but I do have headaches that are lessening, a little nausea still, diarrhea, a little lymph node swelling.
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Symptoms are not the way to know if someone is HIV positive or not. A 4 week negative test is encouraging with 80%. Get tested at 6 and 12 weeks to put your anxiety at rest and move on with your life. Good Luck and all the best.
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