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HIV symptoms???

hi i had a possible exposure to hiv on 10 th Apr. started having back pain and hand pain on 10th may
done blood test on 22nd may WBC= 7600 LYMPHOCYTES=27.5%  B12 deficiency high bp ..
.had  swollen lymph node on 5th June then had diarhea , sore throat,abdominal pain,cough ,sinus in june Sinus not gone yet ..... paining lymph nodes  tested for hiv on 10th june Came back -ve...?
wot is this ..?
yeast infection / hiv causing yeast infection..?
i am Mr.anxietious always...
i think i had a credible exposure..
i think she was a hooker..
by unintension i did inserted into her vagina though i removed it in say 5 secs..
and ejaculated outside but near to her vagina...
i did had gave oral to her though not for long..30 secs..and had kissing

i dont have any infection in mouth...
but i do have muscle aches my hands specially left one do hurt a lot
i think i have developed reactive arithitis ...
i didnt had fever or rash..
though some red spots did appear for a day or two...
how credible that hiv test was at second month in INDIA...for which i tested -ve...
i also tested -ve for syphills..
having neck pain as well
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you inserted your penis with or without a conom.

you think she was a hooker? did you pay her?
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Your test has nothing to do with HIV and your symptoms have nothing to do with HIV. If you had unprotected sex you test 3 months post exposure and use the right test.
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yes she was hooker from massage parlour...
if symptoms dont indicate hiv then wot do they indicate..?
it was antibody test that i did..
give me ur honest opinion i am going for viral load test on 15th july...
i also had rash on 3rd july gone by next day..
also red sores coming up and going....
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If you had a negative antibody test 8 weeks after exposure then that is a great sign that you were not infected. A negative result at 8 weeks is not likely to change. Just have a final test at 3 months as you were told.
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thanks for ur help all of u
really appericiate ur thoughts ...
can other people have their opinions  as well
i will go for viral load test on 15th to finish d matter....

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FIRST OFF...it is HIGHLY unlikely that 30 seconds of penetration is going to result in infection

SECONDLY...your test in june, as joggen stated, is a GREAT indication of your status and is unlikely to change.

you dont need a viral load test ! ! !

RELAX...just test at 3 months for that conclusive result.  expect a negative :)
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I suffered tingling in right food, swollen lymph node under right cheek-bone, severe shoulder blade pain (still got it!!), thrush, weakness, PERSISTENT fatigue, confusion, rash's/spots on arms/chest, fever after 2 weeks of exposure...basically A LOT OF THINGS. but my 11.5 week test came back negative, there is always hope! good luck
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thank you all
you guys have been a gr8 help :)
and morale booster
in this difficult period ...
i hope the test comes -ve...
once again thanks to all ....
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wot does protein in urine can indicate..?
presence of std?
wot it can be..?
my urine does give some smell..
i am going for my hiv test on15th

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the tonsils also dosent seem like going away :(((((
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What do u mean by tonsils? I'm no expert, but I don't think anything related to your tonsils has to do with hiv. Trust me I thought it did my doctor just told me I had tonsil stones
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having tonsils from a long time now...
also wot abt my protein levels..?
can any1 plz help....??
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i got tested yesterday as well
which was 13.5 week
again it was -ve...
but it was spot dot elisa test
mayb second generation
so is it d end of story
or do i need more testing?
any comments??
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Hi Anuj,

This is great sign that result is negative . I think it is conclusive.
Did you go to viral load test ?

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no i havent had any viral load tests...
is it needed?
my cough and sinus dosent seem to go away though
when shud the next test be done..?
and which one ?

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You don't need a VL test the above poster was incorrect.
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hey teak
now am i clear now of hiv..?
or few more tests required after some time?
i had done urine analysis which came up with WBC in my urine
dont know the quantity..
but i also have pain in my stomach sometimes
is it kidney infection?
i have not done any other std test..except syphills at week 8.5 which was -ve
give me ur honest opinion on hiv plz...

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your 13 week negative hiv test is RELIABLE and CONCLUSIVE...PROVING that you do NOT have hiv.

if you are having health concerns...see your doctor...it's NOT hiv related.

kindly move on...you have a conclusive result and this forum has nothing left to offer.
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hey guys i had another test at 17th week elisa 4th generation negative but still having swollen node of throat as well as cough, in fact i had blood a lot of it frm stool yesterday, i know 3 months should be conclusive but just got to know that that woman with whom i came in contact is pos so mayb it seems like i am a late seroconverter seems like. dr.robert frm body.com recommends 5 months test for known hiv contact and 3 months for unknown sad for me! also saw few people on net with 4 month negative turning pos at 6 month sad! so wot u guys think? does low viral load delays antibody production? i m a normal healthy person never on drugs alcohol or smoking ... plz teak and lizzie give your opinion have u seen seroconversions after 4 months?should i directly go for viral load test?my lymphocyte count changed from 28% to 35% in 20 days on cbc!!
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Not an HIV concern. You don't have HIV and didn't need further testing.
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hi i also want to know if i am positive then can i become a father without infecting partner and child? by any means?any science for that?
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