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HIV symptoms?

In late july. around the 23rd, I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend, a day after having sex with him I began to experience lower abdominal pains. I waited 3 days and went to the doctor where she ran a few tests and told me that everything was fine and it may have been that I was ovulating. I had unprotected sex with the same male again 2 weeks later, about 2 weeks after having sex I began to feel extremley tired. It wasnt out of control, I had a healthy appetite. everything else seemed fine. When i told my cousin her guess was that i was pregnant which I believed as well because i had sore boobs, I did get my period but it was about a week and a half late.  this was august 20th. I moved into school the 25th on my first night 2 nights at school i had a horrible headache, by the third day i began to have cold like symptoms, I also began to have a pain in my lower abdominals when I went to the doctors she told me i had bv and prescribed an antibiotic, on the last day of having the antibiotic i began to feel really itchy and was diagnosed with a yeast infection she said it may have been because of the antibiotics. When i ended the prescription the cold like symptoms pretty much left but I than began to get pains once again I was told I had a cervical infection and screened for stds. I have been taking the medicine but now I have developed what seems like a cold once again, stuffy nose and an itchy throat. Im an convinced that this may be HIV, Pls Help. I would get tested at my school but the only do the mouth swabs which aren't very accurate not to mention they charge lol

It sounds like the symptoms to me, Is there a possibility that my body could just be adjusting the its new atmoshpere?
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yes it could be anything else except hiv...
however, since you had unprotected sex with a partner of unknown status, you shud test
a test at 6-8 weeks post last exposure wud be a good indication and another test at 3 months will be conclusive
ps- mouth swab tests are very sensitive...
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symptoms cant and dont diagnose hiv...ppl in this forum come with numeroussss symptoms but end up testing negative..so dont worry about your symptoms..
only a test can reveal a person's status not symptoms
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I was told they're only about 75% accurate
Thanks,for your response I will get tested when I go back to the doctors next week
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