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HIV symptoms

Im 29 years old man, i had an unprotected sex with a woman i met after party after having several drinks at the womans house. Otherwise i have always been careful and never had one night stand or unprotected sex. I was very mad of how the situation turned out because i had put my health at risk. Although i like to put this in the past and move i cant because the following week i was begining to feel my worse fear. I started having headache with stomach ache, loss appetite and diarrhea. This automatically freak me out and since then i have done been the same. To make matters worse i developed a thrush. Now i felt this is it i have contracted HIV. in addtion, i have had difficult time going to sleep because my head hurts and middle of the night i get twitches or shakes that i cant sleep i ear this can be neuropathy symptoms. if this isnt scary enough than i dont know what is. At this moment i cant convince myself because i feel that these symptoms mean i have it. I cant believe this happened at this moment i just feel so unlucky even if the numbers say 1 - 1000 man will contract it from a woman during a vaginal sex. i feel my only mistake happened at the wrong time to put me  in the worst odds, maybe she just contrated and viral loads are high.  i cant be this unlucky, it was a pure accident and i have always been very clean and dont sleep around how can i be so unlucky.
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Symptoms do not equal HIV. The probability that your partner had HIV is very low. And the doctors on this forum estimate that the probability of HIV transmission through single heterosexual contact is 1/1000. You'll find several (hundreds) of cases on this forum where people develop several symptoms and yet test negative. I am not a doctor but going through the same scare myself. Your symptoms sound more related to anxiety than HIV. However, since unprotected sex is a (small) risk for HIV, get yourself tested as teak advised and move on. The odds are very much in your favor that you did not contract HIV. Good luck.
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i understand but the thrush appeared 2 weeks later followed by the numb and tingling feeling at night which could be cause by peripheral neuropathy i hear these symptoms can be related to ARS. the 1st week i felt the Headache, Swollen lymph glands, stomach ache, loss appetite and diarrhea. The loss appetite and diarrhea, and Swollen lymph glands is still there. The headache comes back and forth. I read many of these forums and peoples complaints are not as severe as mine when you begin to experaince thrush, and  peripheral neuropathy. I read online that these can possibly appeared during ARS. I wish numbers were on my side but the woman doesnt even know she tested negative but i'm sure she is in the window period, the time its easly transmittable. There is no studies to show but you might as well say 100%. I wish i knew these things nothing is ever done to keep people aware i feel everyone talks about scoring but less about the danger. I never had any stds before  thats best way to learn sometimes. It wasnt ment to happen i should have just denied having sex but the drinks got to me and now i feel that i lost my life as a result.
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Did a doctor diagnose you for thrush? Self-dignosis is rarely correct. hedache, stomach ache, loss appetite, numb tingling feeling in legs, and diarrhea sound like classic symptoms of stress/anxiety. "You are sure she is in her window period" - Comments like that convince me that you are stressed. I am not a doctor but, search on the anxiety forum on this site for those symptoms and see how many hits you'll get.

Everyone feels their symptoms are unique and related to ARS. However, ARS symptoms are quiet variable and non-specific. I know how you feel coz I am going thru the same feeling myself... Try to keep calm my friend.
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Doctor gave me medication for thrush, the thrush lasted about 3 - 4 days thanks to the medication. headache, stomach ache, and loss appetite 1st came then i became very stressed. 20 days pasted so far since my possible exposure. Most symtoms are gone except the Swollen lymph glands, sometimes itch, headache, and worst of all the numb tingling feeling in legs, sometimes in the hands. The tingling and numbness occurs mostly at night. Sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night as i feel some shaking and sometimes feel like this heavy pressure on the head like its choking you.

Although these peripheral neuropathy symptoms not common in all they still do appeared make feel 95% i got it. the girl keeps telling me she doesnt have it so im convince she is in the window period. as that makes it likely why i got it in one time exposure. There is couples who dont get the virus because they are past the window period as its not  easy to get the virus but the virus is  20 times more likely to spread during ARS, feel like i was out of luck I know. 70% will feel these symptoms during ARS knowing that i would never try to put other peoples life on my hand so i would abstain from sex, the signs are clear.
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There are many more threads like these, but may be these could give you some hope.


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Thanks, appreciate the link. Im telling my mind that too. specially the feeling of waking up in the middle of the night feeling paralyzed that has been the exact feeling i've been having lately. Waking up late at night is a scary feeling, you can feel motions through your body and sometimes hands feel numb or tingling.

I very scared what my test will show but currently im on the 20th day since my first exposure and getting my second test on the 29th whcih is 26 days after exposure. They say 4th week test will detect some but not all, maybe a 60-65% chance so i will go in their praying.
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well during the early stage of HIV  70%  will develop some early symptoms, usually two to four weeks after they were infected. During this primary HIV infection symptoms usually include fever, sore throat, headache, diarhea, swollen lymph nodes and a rash. I have experainced all but sore throat and rashe. in addition persistant  headache,  stomach ache, loss appetite and diarrhea.

During this window period  eaither 6 weeks - 3 months test show negative result. However antibodies can be produced during the 4th week which has been the average for those tested positive.
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either way why is it suddenly important to know these information, i which there was more done to inform the public before its to late. I myself before experianceing this horror was not aware of the window period and how long it takes to get over this horror. Anxiously  waiting 3 months to get over this is not worth a single is night of sex. Imagine how many lifes will be saved if there was more done to educate the public and advertise safe sex just as much to advertise for sex.
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When i developed thrush i quickly went to get tested the following day which is on the 13th day after my exposure. When i asked my doctor he told me the same thing this appears only in the advace stage of HIV. I know it will be rare for me to test positive after 2 weeks but the thrush made it seem possible that may show positive test result. However, the test showed negative and the thrush may have not been the cause but either way how often is it possible to show positive test results after 2 weeks.  
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as your name states m'i hopeful or do i just dread the next 1 to 3 months of whether im infected or not. I'm a perfectly healthy person i never get sick so when things go wrong im automatically aware. i wouldnt be this tense but signs of thrush is a major signal as wells as peripheral neuropathy symptoms, flue symptoms can be a sign of anything. i honestly just dread the idea of loosing your life over sex.
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what about those peripheral neuropathy symptoms in which you wake in late nights feeling paralyzed. Believe me its a scary feeling, whenn your neurons act up and wake up with sudden suffocation as if some one is choking you and your hands and feet feel numb and tingly.
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