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HIV symptoms

I want to know how big the swollen nodes of HIV get? Mine  were about .5 cm to 1 cm big, under jaw and arm pit. Did not feel bumps any place just, jerking and pinching in other lymph node areas.

I also had about 3 pimple looking things scattered across back, not clustered.

I don't know how high fever was.

I had a dry throat with lump in back of throat did not hurt. I drank a lot of hot water.

I no time did I feel the need to go the hospital.
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I actually don't know if had any more people looking things, because I was depressed and not taking showers, hence not changing shirt for a week. I noticed these three pipe things a couple days after I got better.

I felt node in arm pit and under jaw, mo place else. Other place just pinching and jerking. Sore under arm pit.

And regards to throat, was that a severe sore throat. I had little coughing, I might have had a scrappy voice a week after sore throat.
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Usuall symtoms for ARS start 2-4 weeks that include Fever, Rash, Sever sore throat
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I understand that, I am just curious if my symptoms sounded like ars. Correction above, instead of pipe it is pimples.
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This discussion has no context because you never had an exposure from fingering.
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