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HIV symptoms

I recently had unprotected oral sex. In less than a week I developed viral-type symptoms (fatigue, headache, sweating, chills, etc.) Is it possible to develop hiv symptoms in less than a week after exposure?
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its not possible to catch hiv in this way, so the symptoms you are experiencing are not hiv related
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Thank you so much for you reply. Does it matter if the girl that I received oral sex from had an open sore/cut inside her mouth? Or if the girl had someone else's semen still in her mouth? Thanks.
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I don't know if she had either an open sore, or semen, but I was just curious. Thank you.
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Absolutely not, the enzymes in our saliva kill viruses so there is no way that HIV could be transmitted in this way actually the virus is incredibly delicate and transmits through unprotected anal/vaginal sex and the sharing of needles. You didnt engage in this so you have nothing to worry about the symptoms you are experiencing is simply due to anxiety and this anxiety is not necessary, move on! all the best with you!
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