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HIV symptoms

I keep reading that you may or not have sympotoms, how true is this?

how many people show symptoms?

if they show symptoms how bad are they and how long do they last?

why do most people get tested?

is there any reason why someone wouldnt show symptoms?
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1.YES 2.Between 40 to 70% of people will have ARS symptoms .3.It depends on the person and their immune response as to how bad symptoms can be./they last between 4 days and 2 weeks. 4.Because they had a risk or think they did. 5.Yes,strong immune system or LTNP.
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What is an LTNP?
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LTNP has nothing to do with one showing symptoms or not.
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so if some one have week immune system so is ARS Can start from week two and continue up to 3 month or more, i have rash and other symptoms still up to more then three months?
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you have a CONCLUSIVE test result that PROVES you don't have hiv.
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my above comment was directed to anychance4me
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How do u no if ur system is week enough to show symptoms?
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you had NO risk
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