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HIV symptoms

Hi I had to my knowledge protected vaginal sex with a sex worked about 7 weeks ago I was incredibly drunk I received I think a BJ and hand job at the end to finish off I kind of remember removing the condom and it being intact but as i say I was extremely drunk I then had unprotected sex with my girlfriend about a week later. But at 6 weeks after the sex worker event I started having diarrhoea and now I have a slight nausea feel in my head of light headedness but these are the only symptoms I have. I'm freaking out because now my girlfriend has been complaining of stomach aches and slight nausea but no diarrhoea we have no other symptoms etc like flu, rash or sore throat. I had a cough about a week after the event but nothing too noticeable with no other symptoms. I need some help I'm freaking out badly I know my exposure was little to no risk but I'm just trying to gauge wether I was exposed which I don't think I was but just maybe would these symptoms be a tell tale at 6 weeks ish prior to the event like I say symptoms are nausea diarrhoea which seems to he improving after taking Imodium and no other symptoms help will be so much appreciated please
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We don't speak about symptoms because they are meaningless. But can tell you that if you got symptoms they happen at 2-4 weeks after infection and the symptoms you list are not in relation to HIV.
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Okay thank you for your help I woke one night probably in the 4 weeks range with night sweats but that was a one off occurrence nothing since then and I also had swollen painfull inguinal lymph nodes (i suspect)below belly button around pubic area as I seem my doctor and he didn't really know what they could be they were present for about a week or so . Would the swollen lymph nodes point to HIV? Like I say no rash or fever etc
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Sorry for the repeat reply. I say suspect lymph node inflation as they were two little lumps under the skin which with my research sounded like sebaceous cysts and speaking to friends they say they have them sometimes before.
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Still would have nothing to do with HIV.
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Okay thank you your help is much appreciated so the single occurrence of night sweats are not connected either? Apologies one more this will be my final question as I know these forums are busy with anxiety fuelled people like myself, If I had any symptoms would they come together not say night sweats week 3 lymph nodes week 4 diarrhoea week 6?
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If you get symptoms they come together and fever is the main symptom that one would get. High fever 101+
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