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HIV symptoms

I apologize about the length. But I beleive all information is necessary. I will be posting this to the doctor. But I thought I would get some information from here also.

In late May of 06' I had what I beleive was an unsanitary biopsy. I had cyst on my scotum and decided to make sure they were ok. During the procedure the doctor walked in and out of the room, and did not change his gloves after he came back in. I also noticed that there was no paper on his surgical tray for his instruments to lie on. Last, I noticed that when he was throwing away bandages (or whatever else) he did so in a trash can with a swivel lid. So everytime he had to stick his hand into the trash can to throw something away.

Immediatly after I became concerned about HIV exposure. I cant remember the exact time frame, but a month or two later i developed HIV symptoms. For a two week period I was constantly fatigued, my lymph nodes in my neck and arm pits were very sore, and my whole body ached (even the joints in my hands).

Now about two months after exposure I decided to get tested. I went to a planned parent hood and got a HIV test done. I got my results and they were negative. I then thought that everything was ok.

About 6 months later in Decemeber. I found out that to get properly tested one needed to wait three months. So I ended up getting tested (by my family doctor. Also not the one who did the biopsy). The test was negative. But I remember when he read the results to me, he only said HIV-1.

Again I thought things were ok and went on with my life. As of this year I have already been sick 5 times, and at the moment it is the worse. I have been sick with the same symptoms the other 4 times, (slight tempature, cough, stuffy nose, sore throat, aching body) but now it is worse. Also for the past two months I have had a dry cough and I cough up mucus with it.

Last Wednesday the 24th I went out and got very drunk. I woke up very hung over but not sick. It wasn't until later in the night I felt my usual "sick" symptoms of the year come on. I woke up slightly sick but went on with my day. It wasn't until night when I felt really bad. I was in bed with a tempature, chills, body ache, and sore throat. These symptoms persisted Saturday and Sunday.

Now from Monday until today I have felt really bad. My whole throat (lymph nodes) has swelled up. And I even have random bumps on the sides of my neck and back. WHich at times have started to burn. I am very tired all day yet I have trouble sleeping at night. Since Monday I have had terrible night sweats the drench me and my bed. I have no hunger and have not eaton a full meal in six days. I have a sore throat and still have a cough and mucus with it.

Last Thursday I saw my doctor aboout the cough and mucus and he gave me Amoxicilin and a cough medicine which I am still taking. This week I saw him again and he said that I have Mono. I took a test that is pending at the moment.

In the end I don't think I have mono because I have now had symptoms of it twice (now and last summer) and I am tired yet I don't feel that I need to sleep. Does this sound like HIV?
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I actually don't have lumps on my back. I meant that I have one on the back of my neck.

Also I forgot to add that my girlfriend (we both were tested for STD's and HIV before intercourse) also had symptoms. Her's were about 2 or 2 1/2 months ago. She was fatigued, had body aches, and swollen lymph nodes in her neck.

I also suffer from severe OCD. So I could chalk this all up to anxiety. But I don't beleive anxiety can explain the occurence of us both getting symptoms. And especially with all the ones that I have right now.
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Your doc said mono and I'm inclined to agree.  
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See your doctor. This has nothing to do wih HIV.
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Sorry to infer further. But I thought that a person could not get mono twice. SO what can explain for the somewhat similiar symptoms I had last summer?

Also is the HIV-1 after 5 months enough? Im not exactly sure of the difference between one and two.

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Unless you have been with someone from south west Africa then you don't have to worry about HIV2. All generation tests will pick up two that late in testing.
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you need to see your md, you could be experiencing septicemia, unrelated to hiv.  in surgical trays, they come wrapped in paper after they have been autoclaved during their sterilization process, but the instruments remain in basket w/o paper in them . i agree, i dont beleive the doctor performing the bx used sterile technique.  
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