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HIV symptoms

I had unprotected male to female vaginal sex on June 26th.  Around July 3rd I started to get a headache with a slight sore throat and runny nose to follow. Didn’t really have a cough wasn’t sneezing much and not sure if I had a fever. In the following weeks I’ve gotten joint pain in my hands and almost like a shooting nerve pain in my knee(can’t be explained by injury/trauma) I originally thought it was possibly covid cus it felt like the symptoms of when I tested positive for Covid back in March. I got my 2nd dose of the vaccine June 16 so was technically not fully vaccinated at 14 days. I’ve read a lot on the initial acute hiv symptoms I know nothing is 100% but I appear to have some symptoms? Seems to be some debate wether or not runny nose/congestion are symptoms. Haven’t noticed a rash, oral sores. Had some slight diarrhea and fatigue. Symptoms cleared up in about a week. I know the delta variant is running ramped right now but seems unlikely I’d get covid twice within a few months and after being completely vaccinated?
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"I’ve read a lot on the initial acute hiv symptoms" Billions of negative people have those "symptoms".
hiv can't be diagnosed from symptoms, so you are wasting your time studying your body. Only a test can diagnose so take a 4 or 5 gen now for a conclusive result 4 weeks from any encounter (therefore now will be conclusive for a June 26 encounter) or wait 12 weeks from June 26 to take any test for a conclusive result.
Covid is unpredictable so you can't rule it out.
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I plan on taking a test in the coming weeks. I know only a test is going to give me a true answer. I was curious what the consensus is on acute symptoms as far as the start of symptoms and if runny nose/congestion are symptoms?
Consensus can be found by rereading the advice about "wasting".
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The risks for HIV are having unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  You had unprotected sex which is a risk, as you know.  However, PLEASE keep in mind that it is VERY LOW risk of less than 1 percent transmission. So, that means 99 percent chance you didn't get HIV from your encounter.  HIV is NEVER diagnosed by symptoms.  It doesn't work that way.  You can test now with a 4th generation duo test for an accurate result.  Expect it to be negative.  That you had covid means you 'probably' didn't get covid but some are indeed getting break through infections.  But any number of viruses and things can cause the issues you have.  Try to distract yourself until you get the hiv test.  Otherwise, anxiety makes you feel all sorts of things so much more than you would ordinarily.  Get your test and expect it to be negative.  And when it is, let this worry go.
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