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HIV symptoms?

About five weeks ago, a person that I had just started dating thought nothing of "slipping it in" without a condom without my consent though he did not ejaculate. When I expressed my distaste for his lack of concern, he mentioned that he had just had a "complete" STD screening and came up negative for everything. Of course this only made me wonder what prompted him to go get a complete screening in the first place. And I also got the feeling that he didn't wait an appropriate amount of time for antibodies to develop for these tests. Needless to say, I'm not seeing him anymore.

Two days after our encounter, I started to have odd symptoms that were pretty awful for about two weeks.

These included bad swollen lymph nodes with a burning sensation, especially in my underarms though also in my neck, a REALLY bad headache that lasted about a week, the worst vaginal itching and burning I've ever had though without visible sores, bad abdominal pain in the area of my left ovary for two weeks, spleen pain as if it were enlarged, and occasional night sweats. I also had a dry cough and bad joint pain in my hip for a couple days at the height of my misery.

I did test positive for bacterial vaginosis (BV) caused by a "massive vaginal overgrowth" of Group B Strep which would explain the vaginitis and was treated with antibiotics which I took exactly as directed. I did have a recurrence of vaginitis since then though tested negative for yeast, BV, trich, and HPV. This recurrence seemed more like a yeast infection, possibly from all of the antibiotics but it went away on its own, which doesn't make sense to me.

I did wait the necessary interval to get a blood test for herpes though I don't yet have the results.

Unfortunately, I was suffering the worst of my symptoms prior to getting my Group B Strep diagnosis and it was over the Christmas/New Years holidays so I will never know if I also had Bacterial Meningitis caused by the Group B Strep, the only other thing that seems to be a likely candidate for the severity of my symptoms. And if this were the case, I'd be the one in a million case as it mostly affects infants and the elderly or those with diabetes which I do not have. Or those with HIV ...

I did have my yearly OB/GYN visit which turned up nothing. Unfortunately, the pain in the area of my ovary had abated at that point so I have no idea what it could have been.

In the following three weeks I still have lymph pain though not as bad, occasional lesser headaches, and have had a four or five instances of a red, raised rash on my forearms that is a little itchy though fades in about 20 minutes. The spleen still seems to be enlarged. This, the fifth week, added bad lower back pain and now shoulder pain to my list of symptoms though this could be caused by poor posture. And my abdominal pain has returned though not as bad as those first two weeks. It is on the same side which would make me think that it is not a normal ovarian cyst.

Throughout it all, I have not had an elevated fever but did "feel hot" in the first two weeks though never had a reading of more than a degree above my normal.

The one thing that does keep turning up in my research as my symptoms persist and continue to evolve is HIV. I've ordered my Home Access test and figure it will be at least two weeks until I have results, and those results will only show antibodies at about the 45 days post-possible exposure stage.

In the meantime, can anyone tell me if these symptoms sound like any acute HIV infection they have ever heard of? How about any other std? My health insurance has a high deductible so all of the costs for this testing is coming straight out of my pocket. Any ideas that could help me eliminate possibilities and prioritize my next tests in an intelligent fashion would be appreciated. Retesting for a persistent Group B Strep infection and PID will be high on my list if the HIV test comes back negative.

I guess I'm hoping to put my mind at ease while I wait all of this out. Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide.
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You are just at much at fault at putting yourself at risk as is the guy that didn't use a condom. Test 3 months post exposure to get your conclusive negative result.
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