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HIV symptoms

Hi, I have had sexual contact with  condom protection3 years ago, and some intense french kiss two and a half years ago. two months after my french kiss, I had viral symptom, white tongue, fatigue, general lymph pain, small lyumph node enlargment on my jaw. I did several HIV 1/2 test after that. the last one I did about one month ago, all came negative, however I have had white coated tongue since then with general lymph pain. and recently for a week I have started to have vaginal white discharge as well. my question is what other disease have the similar HIV symptoms. the doctor say I do not have HIV, but they don´t know what is the matter with me, they say I am okay, I want to believe them but my symptoms are real, white coated tongue and general lymph pain that change from one part to the other part. I want to start another relationship and I am not sure if I have any unknown type of HIV. I have read that there is a test,  Orasure , which is HIV test, based on oral fluid, it means that there are HIV virus in the oral saliva, then doesn´t this mean that HIV can be transmitted easily other than sexual contact
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You didn't have a risk.
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i think you should believe your doctor and the tests that you have made.
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