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HIV symptoms?

Dear Sir,

I am a 26 year old man. I had protected sex (With condom) with sex workers in South Germany abt 5-6 times. After a month of the last act, i am facing symptoms such as persistent cough, sore throat and swollen lymph glands in my arm pits. These symptoms have reduced now, due to antibiotic treatment. However, I am severely traumatized and fear that I might have HIV. Please advice.

I have not yet taken a HIV test. Please suggest me what to do next. I am extremely disturbed and worried. Please help.

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You had protected sex and your protection did not fail, so your risk for HIV is non existent. You don;t need any test, just seek medical help for your compmaints, not HIV related
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Than a lot for the reply. But the symptoms are very typical of an HIV infection, thats the reason for my anxiety.
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There is no such thing as "typical of an HIV infection" as hundreds of other viruses cause the same symptoms.
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your symptoms are very typical of the common cold.
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Hi help,

Trust me when I say your mind can play pretty strong games. I was positive that I was infected with HIV after reading about the symtoms. It seemed as if I had 90% of them, even though I was at very low risk>
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