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HIV symptoms

Hi .. just exactly one month before I had protected sex with a girl...

from last 3 days I feel my health is not going well..

2. swollen lymph behind ear .
    pain in arm pit.. ( exactly don't know ..can't see swollen skin)
3. No apetite..
4. rash on back side.. ( can't distinguish .. & don't know it  came just now or its alraedy there)
5. 3 days before  i have blood test ( bilirubin is 31.5, red blood cells in urine))

* No fever and flu...

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Oh here is your risk, I have posted in your other thread.  No risk from protected sex, so you can rule HIV out
HIV is only transmitted via:
Unprotected anal/vaginal sex
Sharing needles
Mother to child
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Hi Mitch
Thanks for your reply and support..

how can i rule out my symptoms...

1.vaginal fluids (any drop) touch to penis , can it be ?
2. I used oral sex.. finger in depth...what is the chance of getting though finger cuts ? or sensitive skin at nail edges?
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your risk is ZERO and whatever symptoms you have are NOT hiv related.
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Hi Lou
Really thanks for ur words... it boosted my moral..

But as I know the symptoms all are HIV related ...
  But you say its not.. how?

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you tell me how you think they are hiv related when you NEVER had a risk?
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The symptoms I have are matching with the  usual symptoms read in internet..
That too all symptoms at a time..
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those "symptoms" that you are referring to can also be attibuted to a multitude of other illnesses.

you had PROTECTED sex ! ! !  a condom PROTECTS against the transmission of hiv...no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

move along...you do NOT have a hiv concern.
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HIV "symptoms" are also symptoms that could be related to about a bazillion other phsycial ailments/issues.  "Safe" sex is just that...SAFE.  HIV is NOT an easy virus to transmit...and an intact condom is sufficient protection against it.

Move on.
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Thanks..then y iam feeling pain and uncomfortable at all lymph areas...not swollen but pain and uncomfortable....(neck,groin,knee,armpit)
i had severe head ache for 4-5 days.. today better...and i have rash ( black dots all over my back)
thrush also on tongue...

only no fever.....weight also loss about 1.5 kg in 3 days...

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move on...you did NOT get hiv from protected sex...period...no way...no how ! ! !

and dont come back saying "what about my symptoms?"

they have NOTHING to do with hiv.
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