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HIV symtoms

Hi I had a silly moment 4 weeks ago and had sex with a stranger, it started out safe, using protection but as the night went we were both silly and performed oral sex to each other as well as dismissing the condom in the final stages. Within hours I had a flight back to the UK so didn't get much sleep and I felt exhausted, however during my trip I was feeling a little ill, with some minor run down symptoms tooth and ear ache. The following day after arriving home, I felt ill with a dreadful cold which started to panick me as HIV most common symtom is flu. Along with the flu came real dry lips which even to this day I have struggled to shake off although The flu disappeared within a week and all was fine until I got what looked to be thrush symptoms in my mouth about 18 days later. It's a slight yellow/green colour on my tongue and inflamed taste buds at the back But there is no pain. This again has started to worry me. Work has been crazy and I have been extremely stressed with both work and my silly mistake. How worried should I be?
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You dont state what the exact exposure was here.  Were you the insertive male partner with female of unknown status?

The good news is you dont know that your partner was infected with anything and she cant give you what she doesnt have right? secondly single risk exposures rarely lead to infection and the quoted (HIV) odds by medical professionals for hiv transmission are 2500 - 1

Hiv symptoms would not have appeared the next day or even the day after so u need not worry these are attributed to HIV infection.

Have a checkup at a local GUM clinic, free service in the UK for peace of mind.  You should wait 28 days for reliable tests and for the protection of others use protection until you get your expected negative results back.  
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exactly what alan74 said. The ARS flu doesn't start immediatly and normally starts 2 to 6 weeks after expoture. Next to that you mentioned it's been 4 weeks now. Maybe for your feeling it's good to get a 4th gen rapid test. If that's negative just take another one at (personally) 8 weeks to be conclusive.

To be absolutely sure on advice, you should mention the following:
1) are you female or man was there unprotected vaginal or anal sex?
2) Was there an internal ejaculation from the partner in you?
3) have you been checked for other STI/STD's?

Ps. HIV is hard to catch compared to other STI's/STD's so I recommend if not already done to also test on the most common STD's.
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I am the male and it was vaginal sex. It's just a scary situation, and I've been beating my head up for 3 weeks now. i also took a course of chlamydia treatment as recommended by a friend from online doctor. Is it possible that stress/ anxiety and antibiotics for chlamydia could of caused my oral thrush/ inflamed taste buds?
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The mind is a powerful thing.  You will be amazed at what symptoms the 'worried well' can have.  

If you spend anytime on these forums you will see many cases where the 'Worried Well' had every symptom, in the expected time frames, had what they consider a risky exposure.  The advice is always the same.  Get tested - when they get their negative results the symptoms suddenly clear up.  Guilt and the power of the mind are indeed poweful

There are so many reasons for the symptoms you describe and all are much more likely to be the cause than a STD.  The reality is you did put yourself at some risk having unprotected vaginal sex.  While in my opinion the risk is low there is a risk.  A 28 day sexual health checkup by a professional GUM clinic is all you need.  Apart from anything else it will give you the assurances you need to move on and put this episode behind you. ( I have been in the place you are now, testing will give you closure) good luck
totally agree with alan74. after 28 days you can do a very reliable test.
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I have taken a test giving both blood sample and urine sample and the results have come back Negative. I'm still confused as to why I have thrush symptoms? Any ideas on what to do next or treatments
sorry for late reply, but has an expert confirmed your Thrush? Next to that a lot of things can be the cause of candida in the mouth as candida is always in the mouth(only a in balance) as candida is everywhere in and on the body. So if you have the flu or bad cold, smoke too much, lots for sugars eaten can give an unbalance in the candida concentration in the mouth. So please don't worry and let an expert check the Thrush and give you anti-candida pils or something like that.
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Self medicating is never a good idea. By doing so, you may sometimes do more harm than good and may make certain bacteria even more resistant to later treatment.
If you have had unprotected vaginal sex a DUO at 28 days post exposure is very reliable indication, but not conclusive. Although the result is not at all likely to change, a follow up confirmatory test at 12 weeks post exposure is usually advised for a conclusive result.
Nobody here can say what's going on with your tongue, so, it goes without saying that it should just be checked by a professional.
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