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HIV test and STD conclusive????

Hello Doctor,
I was facing a throat problem and i wanted to brief you the total case.

I had 3 sexual encounters in 2 days with Commercial Sex Worker. The sex was unprotected Oral sex full fledged (giving and receiving both) and protected Vaginal intercourse.  This was the first time I had such encounter and was really guilty for the incident happened. Actually I was in a drunken and heavily smoking during that time.

After coming back I was really stressed and had oral thrush, and mild sore throat. I took antibiotics (Azithromycin) for 3  days and was ok. After a week i still have mild irritating throat , mild pain on the lymph nodes.

Finally after 3 weeks of risk exposure i got tested for following:

1. HIV PCR DNA Qualitative  : Result NEGATIVE
2. HIV Combo Test (including p24 Antigen) : Result NEGATIVE
3. HIV Antibodies - ELISA (Test strategy -III)  - Result NEGATIVE

Also I had also tested for STD (Syphilis, Herpes) which was also Negative.

I tested above HIV and STD after 10 days gap of having antibiotics.

Later I also met a doctor and he suggested antibiotics (cefpodoxime) for a week for throat infection. I used the antibiotics but after a week . Also sometimes I still have the mild throat pain ,intermittent pain like squeezing and  mild pain under the jaws (tonsiltis).

I was really getting worried ,as despite using antibiotics I was  still having this irritating throat. Also I developed a rash on the shoulder on 38th day and it has vanished in a day.

I met the doctor again and again he gave antibiotics for a week (Cefpodoxime proxetil) for throat infection. I completed the course of Antibiotics, however I still had very mild throat, sometime on the left side of the throat and right side of throat but rarely on middle of throat and intermittent squeezing pain. however it was only mild and irritating.

So I got tested again as below:

On 41st day HIV Elisa  (Test strategy-III)  : Negative

On 44th day HIV PCR -RNA- Quantitative- Negative

On 45th day HIV Combo Test (including P24 Antigen) - Negative.

On 53rd day got tested for PCR qualitative test for Gonnoreah and Chlyamdia: Negative

On 56th day HIV Combo Test (including P24 Antigen): Negative

I took these tests at one week gap of having antiobotics

Please advise on the following:

Now it is 70 days of exposure again i had mild throat pain, tender and painful lymph nodes and a small rash on my neck area, also had mild muscle pain.

I did gargling for 3 days with salt and used panadol tabs for 2 days. The pain has gone and throat pain is reduced drastically and i  stopped gargling as well.

After  a day a very mild throat irritating persists. I started gargling again. Also I was using fucidin for the rash on the neck.

The throat is scratchy and irritating, but no problem while eating  and having fluids. Also had icthy ear on both the ears (intermittent)

But I wonder 15 days back I had antibiotics for 2 weeks, i dont know why the throat irritation occurred again.

One of the doctor said it might be due to acid reflux and suggested Pantaprozole, B-complex, Actilac (alternate for Sporolac for excessive usage of antibiotics) . I have been using them since 5 days no along with Ajithromycin for 3 days

I am really getting worried and tensed.

Are these HIV tests conclusive at the said period????? please advise doctor ( i had protected sex and unprotected oral sex). I got tested for syphilis, herpes at 3 weeks of exposure and Gonnoreah and Chlyamdia at 6 weeks of exposure.

Do i need to test for Hepatitis B. C ad well? Also do I need to get tested for HIV post 12 weeks?

Some of the doctors and websites say  the HIV Test after 3 weeks and 6 weeks and 8 weeks are negative (both DNA, RNA, Antibodies , P24 Antigen) and are conclusive .

Does antibiotics effect results??

Are these considered conclusive? or do i need t wait for 3 months as per CDC guidelines. I am not having sex with my wife till my doubts are cleared.

Please advise your opinion as I am planing for kids.

Your reply is highly appreciated

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You never had a risk for HIV and didn't need to get tested for it.
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After  97 days of risk exposure (closed to 14 weeks) i finally got tested for peace of mind .

HIV 1 @ 2 CMIA : Negative
Hepatitis B IGM Antibodies : Negative
Hepatitis C, HCV : Negative
HSV 1&2 IGM : Negative  , but IGG shows positive
VDRL : Negative.
TPHA : Negative
Gonnoreah, Chlyamdia : Negative
Culture throat Swap : no pathogens found

Still very mild  throat irritation persists,
I can have unprotected sex with my wife and plan for kids.

But I dont understand still mild throat irritation persisists.
We're human, and we get sick from time to time.
HIV isn't the cause every time, and certainly not for you.
A few years ago, I had a persistent sore throat and the doctors gave me almost every antibiotic known to man, but it didn't go away. My tonsils are naturally big and they kept thinking it was due to infection.
I saw a good, experienced doctor at last, and he told me that I had acid reflux, and that that was the cause of my sore throat.
Your stressing over nothing, so, stop wasting your future kids' money on HIV tests ! ;) Be happy. Celebrate life.
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The negative test excludes the hiv infectin .Irritating throat best diagnosed with ENT doctor . But not related to HIV  .
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