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HIV test UK

12 weeks test (84 days)

would a test at this stage for HIV hep b and c be conclucive???????????????
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recently had a tattoo done, also in my work im the first aider, also i had unprotected sex about 14 weeks ago, oral and vaginal NOT anal.

Been ill the last few weeks, with weight loss and ab pain on right side, had a Liver fuction test and my reading were high ALT 71 thats why im worried.

had tests for HIV at 12- negative
hep c at 9 weeks -- neg
hep b 10 weeks -neg
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What you think lordoftheflies
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Ive had all std checks and all was neg, been really ill for this now for 2 months.

Been in ER 4 times and admitted 2 times for stomach pain, loads blood in my stools and mucus.
My liver seeems to really hurt and i have a burning sensation all over my body, also my tongue is either white all yellow all the time..

i know should b on there but by looking at it, the mods dont seem to be ative on there and i know on here the people are great and there knowledge is good, thanks you for you advice m8
So you think its not HEP b or c m8??
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