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HIV test after 2 months

I had protected sex with a party  girl one time when i was in a club. I used a condom because, i know the risk of having unprotected sex with somebody whose HIV status is unknown. However at one point my condom got destroyed while it was inside her vagina. I  am sure the sex only lasted for about 15 minutes, and i am sure for the first 10 min my condom wasn't destroyed, so i probably only  was having sex with a broken condom for about 5 min. I didn't cum, for i got too scared when condom broke and i stopped immediately. I washed my penis and urinated immediately for acid kills off bacteria. I however had 2 small wounds in my left and right arms, it was only cigarette burns so it was really small. i didnt finger her, nor did i lick her vagina, it was just me inserting my penis to her vagina. I had 2 blood test done one was after 4 weeks the other was after 8 weeks, both turned out negative, and in fact the antibody count decreased in my second test. However after 16 weeks i suddenly got a fungal infection, i got Jocks itch. I got scared but i know that it was probably due to my poor hygiene however after 24 weeks i got it again. I usually only take a bath once every 3 days during break, so maybe i got the jocks itch again because of my poor hygiene however now i am thinking it may be because i got HIV.I also got sore throat within the 6 month span with some colds, but i did get wet a couple of times while i was on the way to the hospital because of my duty. I cant ask my fellow med school  block mates because I might be wrongly judged so i am asking for your help pls the anxiety is killing me and i cant study when i got this lingering in my mind. I also got muscle aches for about 4 days, however it may be because i joined a 10 KM fun run for charity. should i take the test or am i just being paranoid.  
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8 weeks test is not conclusive however it's the great indication of your status. this time any HIV diagnostic tests from your exposure is conclusive. Go get your test now and expect for another negative result.
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