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HIV test in Singapore

Hi there
I think this information will help someone who (lives) working foreigners in Singapore especially for foreigner works from building constructors to professionals. If you are foreigner you must be HIV negative then only Immigration authority and man power department allow you work in Singapore as well periodically you have to go for HIV test when ever you are extending your stay status, if you tested HIV positive in this progress your HIV status informed to Immigration authority instantly you will lose your stay permit and leave the country. I guess foreigners aware of this but any of you assume you may got infected HIV want take test and scared or don’t know where to, there is public clinic called DSC where you can take anonymous HIV test even you no need to provide any personal details.  This done Action for AIDS on every Tuesday, Wednesday: 6.30 pm to 8.00pm and Saturday: 1.30 to 3.30pm. DSC Clinic, 31 Kelantan lane, 01-16, Singapore 200031 Tel: 62939648.




In Singapore prostitution is legal - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prostitution_in_Singapore  and there are many gay Sauna.

Have safe sex and educated yourself about STD.
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Hi there
DSC clinic charges are low price compare with othere clinic.

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Hi reallyregret
Even I don't this voting?!?!?!
You are 100% right about legal,illegal prostitution and gay sauna. Thanks for your response.
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Hi world78,

Good information on testing, but what is the vote about?? i am puzzled about the question and the answer options available.

Anyways, prostitution in Singapore is not legal unless its licence is approved. The legal ones have to go for regular testing. There are still illegal prostitution around, but the law enforcers are doing their best to eliminate them.

Gay saunas, if offering sexual services, are definitely illegal. Sexual intercourse between male same-sex is illegal in Singapore, and is punishable by the law with imprisonment.

May God bless

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