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HIV test negative at six weeks! Help!!

Nearly six weeks ago I had unprotected vaginal sex with a woman. Exposure was not long at all, and it was only vaginal. My 5, going on six week HIV oraquick advance oral swab test was negative. Ive been really anxious and scared, the 5 weeks I had to wait before the test were horrible, I went through so much and suffered because of my decision. After I tested for all stds and HIV at almost 6 weeks, and everything came back negative, I thought I would be happier and less concerned, however, I went online after I came home and people started throwing around the 3 and 6 months time frames. The CDC represenative who tested me said not to even come back at 3 months and so did my familly doctor and an HIV counselor who has 25 years experience, but Im going at 3 months anyways, Im only 18 and told my mom. She started crying, Im just really frustrated with all this. And I became worried sick, as they say. The grief itself has given me so many problems, like acid reflux, intestinal cramps, sinus, feeling of fullness within the ears, and I woke up this morning with a sore throat and tmj where my jaw hurts, but no typical ARS symptoms, and as i stated its been six weeks. Im still scared but not as much. Im healthy and always have been and I hope it stays that way. My question is, is this oraquick advance at almost six weeks post exposure a good indication?! Can this negative result change at 3 months?! Im taking my mother with me before thanksgiving, and i hope its going to be a great thanksgiving this year with a negative result, I learned my lesson dearly and will not do anything like this again, I also started to think that maybe it was wrong of me to assume HIV, after not getting much more common stds from the woman, why would she have something like HIV?! She told me she was clean so many times but her status was unknonw to me personally. I just want you guys' perspective on this. Am I overeacting and are all these symptoms just because of my stress?! I just want to move on with my life, and I know my chance of getting it if she had it was low, like one in thousands, but I dont want to sound greedy, I really dont want to be that one. God Bless all of You out there that went/are going through HIV and AIDS, thanks so much to everyone who answers.
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Your conclusive test result is 3 months post exposure. You never had anyone from the CDC say not to test at 3 months.
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Also, my eustachian tube has been blocked for days, thats what I meant by ear fullness, Im also a male, dont let my profile decieve you, it says female. Sorry for any confusion, thanks again everyone!!! God bless!
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I realize that, thanks, but is my 6 weeks test a good indication of my status? He is a CDC representative for my city and "advised" me not to go back at 3 months but im going back at 3 months for a conclusive result.
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CDC does not give HIV tests. If you went to a clinic that is not a representative of the CDC. I teach using CDC training manuals and 6 weeks conclusive test is not an approved guideline and is not in the CDC manuals.
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But, then why do a majority of doctors, and specialized individuals in HIV, recommend a six week test as a good indicator, I know that it isnt conclusive but what Im asking is, that is this test reliable for when I go in for a 3 month test?! I was only a low risk, also, do I have to go in after 3 months or is that final?!
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good indication...NOT conclusive
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Thanks Lizzie!!!! Is there a likelihood that the result changes?!
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A 6 weeks negative is highly unlikley to change but must be followed up by a 3 months test to be considered conclusive.  With a 6 week negative though I think you should feel very reassured about your status.

Your symptoms are not HIV specific at all and sound more like stress.  In addition to which if your symptoms were due to HIV i would have expected you to have tested positive or at least indeterminate at your 6 week test.

Try and keep yourself busy until the 12 week test and know that the likelihood of you have HIV now is pretty much negligible.

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Thanks so much, you comforted me, but does it matter if it was a 36 day test, 5 days short of the 6 weeks mark, or is it still accurate?! Thanks zamzam, i feel like people on ***************** are giving me the wrong advice about getting tested at 6 month or even a year. Im going at 84 days which would be exactly 12 weeks for me, i know i shouldn't be scared it was only one encounter but thanks again for maming me feel better, i hope a 36 week test isnt too much different than a 6 week test! And also a sore throat now would be not HIV related right?! I may have caught a cold or sinus infection, thanks guys!! God bless!
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That's supposedto be the Yahoo answer site, sorry it got bleeped out.
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Any website or any doctor that recommends you test out to 6 months in 2011 is not up to date with the latest hiv information or testing.They are still living in the past.
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I know im asking too many questions, but im also starting to get a pretty bad cough. Am I past ARS symptoms?!
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you have been assessed as putting yourself at risk for contracting not only hiv, but other stds as well.  you have also been advised to test at 3 months post exposure for a reliable and conclusive result.

if someone experiences ars symptoms, they come at 2-4 weeks post exposure and lasts for 1-2 weeks.

symptoms dont diagnose hiv...only a test at the appropriate time will tell one's status.

this pretty much covers it !
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i also face the same situation,had unproteted vaginal sex with this lady whose status am not sure of last year, i also did a rapid test at 6 weeks which came out negative, and at 10 weeks dida blood test  also was negative,,just stilll scared cause whenever that thought comes, i feel sick and my stomach crammble,,next month makes it a year, but am scared to do a test again please advise me, GOD BLESS YOU ALL
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