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HIV test results. Am i okay ?

Hey guys, i know that the following question has been asked thousands times. i had a high unprotected sex risk around 3 or 4 times, unfortunately, i was not aware of the danger of the HIV, and since i knew about HIV, i could not sleep well, and i have been worried and thinking about it all the time till the moment.  So the last time i had unprotected sex in November 2017 (i don't remember exactly the day), after that on April 30th,2018 i had sex with a girl mostly she is HIV negative, but i used condom, and i am sure the condom did not rip off. The total number of tests i had are 4, and all of them were 4th generation tests in LabCorp (USA).

1 - December 5th,2017 (Nonreactive)
2 - December 17th,2017 (Nonreactive)
3 - January 30th,2018 (Nonreactive)
4 - May 20th, 2018 (Nonreactive)

Am i okay ? should i move on with my life and never think about it ? or should i get tested one more time ?
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Your tests are conclusive and exclude you from the infection. You are fine. Move on with your life normally. No further tests needed
Thank you doctor for your answer. One last question :

How does 4th generation test window period count?  Does it count since last exposre regardless previous risky exposures?  I mean is it conclusive since last unprotected sex no matter how many exposures i had before?
I mean if the previous expisures could delay the virus to be detected
Late seroconversion is an OLD myth so just follow diver's advice and move on.
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