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HIV test results

I had two sexual encounters with two different person separately and both unprotected. Those two people were quite persuasive about the fact that they are healthy and i trusted. Now, i worried sick. I was in a bottom role engaging in anal intercourse with those guys. None of them ejaculated inside, although, that probably does not mean anything. About three weeks after the last encounter i developed flu like symptoms and after couple of days because of stressing and not sleeping i got a rash on my chest as well as very often becoming sick. Four weeks, perhaps a bit more after the last encounter i contacted one highly acclaimed specialist for infectious diseases here in Serbia and she told me to come to a check up and to do a complete blood screening without doing the HIV test. When i came to her, i told her everything but avoided mentioning that the intercourse was of homosexual nature because in this country it is not highly acceptable still. She checked the blood picture, said it was perfect, ran the complete body exam including glands, liver etc and said she is certain i have not contracted anything, but that i should go and have the test just so that i can be at peace. Took the test and it came negative. I also wrote again to both of those guys and they were telling me again how they are negative and that i should relax, but somehow i still cannot. After the test results, i contacted the doctor again to ask her if i should come to see her again, but she insisted that there was nothing wrong with me except that i should contact the psychiatrist and also never be stupid again. She also told me that if there was a smallest doubt in her mind she would have sent me to do another test, i think pcr, and not the regular one. I do not know what to do. Do i need to worry? Also, the doctor who was delivering me the results after reading that all the organs and blood screenings are ok said that i do not have reason to worry.

Could you please advise me as to what am i to do because the time i was waiting for results was killing me and i would not want to go through all that again if it is unnecessary and somehow i still keep thinking about all that.
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You can obtain your conclusive negative test 3 months post exposure. Start using condoms. Sex lasts for minutes and HIV lasts a life time.
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