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HIV test tomorrow very scared and can't function at all

Hello I finally take my conclusive HIV test tomorrow. I'm very nervous that it will show positive. I'm very scared today and I can't eat or sleep. To make matters worse I have a morning class tomorrow before I take the test. I don't know if I can focus.

My first possible exposure was in March and my ex boyfriend only put the tip of his penis in me unprotected . Basically just the head. There wasn't any ejaculation but I'm very much sure pre cum was there but a small amount. It lasted for 9 minutes. I tested for this at 3 weeks and 5 weeks and tomorrow will make almost 6 months since it happened.

Then in May we had sex with his penis in me all the way and this time it was with a condom. He ejaculated inside the condom and the condom did not break but I'm still paranoid about getting something from him because he sleeps around.

Please help. How accurate was my results for March?? Was it enough time to detect something in me?? Was it possible he ejaculated on me while using a condom for the sex we had in may?? I'm not pregnant and I know it's a very strong possibility that the sex in May didn't have any sperm in me because I'm not pregnant an
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Hi There,

Bless you have got into s state over this.

Your test is going to com back Negative, - simple as that.

During your class tomorrow, keep telling yourself this, get your Negative result and then move on.

4 weeks in conclusive for modern 4th gen tests, 6 months is not required any more neither is 3, - you have had two negative results and you can get your third tomorrow :)

Keep in touch - you will be fine :)
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Receptive insertive vaginal sex with an infected partner is estimated to be 1 in 1000 episodes.
Ejaculation or not does not  influence risk of exposure.
Your risk is minuscule if not non existent
The condom protected episode is immaterial...HIV does not sneak around condoms.
If your test tomorrow is negative, as I am willing to bet money on, then you are good to go.
But a risk is a risk.....
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Hey you guys thanks very much. I'm just always thinking a what if. Its like deep down I want to believe I'm alright but I keep getting more scared. I'm glad it's people around like you all that understands
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Any time! :)

It's hard to move on but you will ;)
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I just wanted to come back to tell everyone and those going through the same problem that I've been tested and all was negative after all both of my sexual encounters I had with my ex. I'm glad this period of anxiety is over. I've decided to stay away from sex for a little awhile and focus more on myself. I pray that everyone who is suffering from this horrible anxiety ends up being ok
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Hey Congratulations on your Negative result and for taking the step to beat your anxiety.

I hope that people reading this post and others realise that so much of this is in our minds.

All the best and thank you for sharing your great news! :)

Best wishes - now get back to class lol :)
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Thanks very much and I'm studying now lol. Good to know I have my life back
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You certainly do!

All the very best and well done for coming through this :)
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