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HIV test

My doctor used a a HIV blood drop testing like a pregnancy test how accute are thos I waited 15 mins.
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I'm not being rude at all, just truthful.  I'm sorry my words were lost on you.  You came here with your own question...be honest, wouldn't it make you question the validity of an answer from a brand new person, who has their own questions posted?  If you say no, I don't think you're being very honest.

You're free to do as you like, it's a public forum.  I'm in no way telling you NOT to post, I'm just trying to explain from the standpoint of those of us who have actual experience with HIV, and also from the viewpoint of those coming, looking for advice.

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And it came back negative.
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With all due respect, you've been here giving others advice on the exact same subject for a while now.  It's fine to ask, but do you see why we get a little disturbed at people who just start answering questions without REALLY having knowledge?  It's not all that fair to people expecting that the responders know what they're talking about.  Certainly takes confidence away from the answers when a poster sees that the person giving them advice is asking their own question.

Just because you read about something, or can repeat answers from people who have a background in the subject, does not make you "educated" about a topic.

I'm just sayin'.
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No I never had one of these done its only been the swap.just asking no need to get rude.
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I was just asking cause I didn't know I know how it is transferred but never saw one of these before.
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Never mind found the answer thanks.
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No I'm sorry nurse girl I always did a swab before but never knew there was also a finger prick one.sorry I just had unprotected sex 4 months ago with a girl and now I know it's negative I can move on.it was a new doctors office.
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