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HIV test

I have recently had protected sex with a girl...and i had unprotected oral sex (bj only)...she told me that she did not have AIDS and that she get tested every year...after 3 weeks, i was sick, and i still have a sore throat...no rashes...no fever...so i suspected that i have been infected by HIV...i went to a medical lab and got tested (after 28 days from possible infection)...the result came back NEGATIVE...the test done was HIV 1&2 Ag/Ab, serum...
what does that mean? how can i be sure that i was not infected by HIV? should i get tested again after three months?.
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HIV is not transmitted by oral sex and you never had a reason to test.
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i am still concerned...is the test i've taken enough? shoud i get tested again in 3 months? by the way, i was shaving the hair around my stuff and got wounded...does that make a difference? thanks a lot
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Reread what I told you, it's not difficult to understand.
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LOL...i know Sir...it's not difficult to understand...but i want to double check? when should i take my next test? after three months from possible infection?
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You going for a pregnancy test?
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MALE here...no..HIV test??
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