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HIV test

About 2 years ago I messed around with an older man. After giving unprotected oral for 5 minutes he began to rim me while intermittently attempting to penetrate me. He was wearing a condom
And no ejaculation occurred. I am worried that in the process of rimming/penetrating a microtear could have occurred and I may have been infected with saliva. Last year I took the oraquick advance test, the result had a very faint line at the control area with no line at the test area. The next day when I looked at the test again the line next to the control was more stark and there was still no line next to the "t". Can this be considered conclusive? I did the test in the car while driving and the test may have been jostled a little bit, would this affect the result? Or is the fact that the control line showed up (however faint) is proof that the test worked?
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Your situation had no risk to begin with.  Testing was not warranted.  However, seeing you have already tested negative one year post your results are conclusive.  

I wouldn't worry about it and move on.  
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Thank you. I assume you would have the same answer for receiving unprotected oral from two different women? I had phimosis at the time and microtears may have occurred in my foreskin. Also after having sex with one of them the outside of the condom touched my penis, any risk there? This was all at least a year before the test. I guess my final question would be (truly my final question I apologize for wasting your time) is the test stil reliable even given the conditions I took it under, and the control line being faint? I'm not sure how these tests work.
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I am a male by the way . Not sure why my profile says female
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This was a no risk situation regardless of all the "what if's" you try to inject into it.  If your bare penis did not enter her vagina=no risk.  It's really that simple.

If HIV were this easy to contract we would be dealing with a HUGELY different epidemic.
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