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HIV test

Dears ,
After 28 days 4th gen antibody negative
35 days same test negative and p24 antigen detection separate, negative
42 days 4th gen same test negative
After seven week 4th generation antibody test is negative (thank god) but I have still symptoms
One lab is offering early detection test
HIV duo test,  and p24 antigen detection test , HIV 1&2 RNA, pcr,  is it good test after seven week?
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The PCR test looks for the virus itself, its a good test at seven weeks, although it has a risk of false positives.

The duo test is an excellent test, the gold standard of HIV testing, judging by the test you've already had expect another negative.
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Thanks dear for your immediate reply, if I doing those test is that conclusive?
I couldn't control my anxiety level,, its killing me every second.. I really learned lots.. I will not do this anymore in my life. If I get it back..
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What was your risk? As I've said previously some HIV experts consider Duo test conclusive at 28 days, some say 6 weeks, most people seroconvert before 6 weeks, so with your negatives test it is unlikely you have HIV.

Also don't let this ruin your life.
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After all those tests you are most likely negative, symptoms means nothing, test reults does.
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Hsv cause delay HIV antibody? After 3 months from last exposure ,all std notice that hsv 1 is positive . Do I need to test HIV till 6 months? I have pimples around mouth it's too pain and lymph node in neck and groin. It's discomfort and pain too.. And bowl movement and groin pain for 3 mints , and foot pain some times.. What cause is all of this please answer me anybody
Thank you.
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You had condom-protected sex.  This is NO RISK for HIV.  You didn't need to test at all.  Your test results are conclusive no matter what.

I don't know what your symptoms are, but they are not HIV.  You did not get HIV from condom-protected sex with a CSW.  CSWs provide condoms to protect themselves from YOU.  They would not provide inferior condoms and if your condom had broken, you would have known.  The CSW would have paid attention and would have been distressed if the condom had broken.  Also, it would be hard to removed.

HSV has no effect, especially when you had no risk at all.
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