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HIV test

How much conclusive "HIV rapid test antibody"  3rd Generation at 75th day
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This is what Dr Hook has said on ask the experts:

All 3rd generation tests for HIV including the INSTI finger stick test are antibody tests which must perform similarly to receive approval to be sold. This is the case in the U,S., the U.K. and throughout most of the world.  3rd generation HIV antibody tests detect about 90% of recent infections at 4 weeks, 95% at 6 weeks and 99+% of infections at 8 weeks.  4th generation combination HIV antigen/antibody tests provide completely reliable, conclusive tests at 4 weeks.

Package insert assessments and the assessments of many governmental organizations are more conservative than is warranted by research studies, in part because they are bound by the original design of their studies (i.e. if they say they will assess HIV infection rates at 12 weeks, that is what they must officially report, even if they had actually detected all infections by 8 weeks) and in part because of a conservative outlook in which they cannot "afford" to be wrong.  This leads to unnecessary apprehension in people.

Hope it helps,it really helped me :)
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What was your risk?
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specialist on medhelp say it's conclusive at 8weeks ,
Medhelp ed hook and hunter handsfeild

You can serach them on medhelp .

So ease that mind of yours

Or you can have ag/ab test right now
They are called antigen/antibody test

Relax !
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Its very encouraging and odds are it will stay that way at 90 days.
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please someone expert reply
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