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HIV testing

Is an oraquick test for antibodies at 3 weeks post exposure any indication of what the results would be at 3 months? Thank you
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Yes. Probably 70-80% of infected people would have positive oral fluids tests by 3 weeks, so that negative result is reassuring but not definitive. Probably teh 3 months result will also be negative.

Or have a lab-based DUO test at a clinic at 4 weeks, which also will be conclusive without having to wait another 2 months.
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Awesome thank you for the response. Here's my dilemma I was dating a girl in October 2013 she had testing done and everything came back negative. We broke up for awhile and had unprotected sex again in feb 2014 it was a one night kind of thing. I don't think she's very promiscuous but you never know. Than I had the testing three weeks later which came back negative. I have started getting aches in my hands and feet I wasn't sure of this was just due to stress or could be a symptom of possible hiv. I didn't know if aches and pains due to hiv would even show up that fast.

Thanks for your help
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The chance a partner like that (in the US) has HIV is vanishingly low, virtually zero. And your symptoms are not at all suggestive of HIV. Honestly I see no need for testing at all -- but now that you have started down that path, you'll probably go crazy if you don't have a definitive test as discussed above.
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I really appreciate the response your right I am driving myself crazy and telling myself I have all the symptoms . Going to try and move past it again really appreciate it
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How about a DUO at 3 weeks? how reassuring would you say it would be? Of course it would be followed by another at 4 weeks and probably at 6 just to be absolutely certain... But Anything that can give me peace of mind as soon as possible would be good.
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