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HIV testing. Need understanding please help, brief penetration, unprotected

Long story short. I was virgin at the time of the encounter. Never been with anyone, never done anything sexual except for self masturbation. I met this guy who I talked to for months. We decided to commence our relationship that month. We talked about statuses and he said he was negative. Me being new to everything I said to myself “okay great”. I knew I was for sure. We stopped talking after a month of the encounter, because after the first and only time we tried sex it didn’t work out because I was uncomfortable. Unfortunately there was no protection. What I know now I would of never let him enter me without protection. But fast forwarding. I got flu-like symptoms a month after the encounter and started reading online and my alarm went off the roof. I’ve been tested multiple times:
1 month(5 weeks)- 4th generation test
2 month (8 weeks)- 4th generation test
3 months(12 weeks)- Rapid Test
4 months (16 weeks)- 4th generation test
5 months (20 weeks)- lab based hospital test
I have a test scheduled at 22 weeks or 5 1/2 months. It will be a rapid test. I’ve seen that some people take longer than 6 months. I’ve read cases of it. Plus the nurse practitioner at the clinic I went to said it could take as long as 9 months!!! I just want all this to end. Any advice please help. I was negative for all other stds as well. I told the nurse that the person I was with tested negative 3 months after the encounter and she told me they doesn’t matter at all. So I’m still freaking out. This has been the longest 5 months of my life. I’ve read other stories in the forum but I feel like my situation was for sure classified as a possible risk. Also the nurse even told me that she does long window period testing (ex:9 months) because she says guidelines could miss people that don’t fit into those standards. Could I be one person that takes that long. I regret all that I’ve done. This has been a long tiring time for me.  
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I concur with ANM and zell, this nurse gave you completely wrong information. You have already tested conclusively negative and your result won't change any further.

Stop reading about HIV online that's the core of the problem, there is a lot of good and bad information out there, some new and some outdated as well, I am not sure what did you read to get in to this fix.

Ideally, no one needs to test out beyond 3 months. 6 weeks is good for a conclusive with any standard antibody test.  People with compromised immune system, which practically is, people who are on chemotherapy for cancer would be the only set of people who would have delayed detectable antibody production and subsequently need to test out at 3 months.

If you take recommendation from an experienced HIV specialist, they will only give you the aforementioned information.

Always use condoms correctly and consistently with people of unknown serostatus for vaginal / anal intercourse to stay away from HIV.

I will state again, you have tested negative conclusively and no further testing would be necessary. It is time to move on
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Was it oral or anal penetration that he did? You said it was uncomfortable but did he penetrate you?
I felt the part of the tip inside for a few seconds and then I got off. That’s the uncomfortable part so we didn’t try again.
Sorry for the late reply
You have tested conclusively negative. The only thing remaining for you to do now is to forget this and move on.
I am not disagreeing that he is negative no matter what happened, just letting him know that without penetration there is no risk. So moving on is the only thing to do, since you are safe.
But there was penetration. The half of the tip went about an inch or less in for about 5-6 seconds then I got off
You already said that. Finished with this thread.
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The 4 gen was conclusive after 4 weeks. It is abnormal for you to test multiple times for the same disease so further testing indicates hiv phobia. You don't test 6 times for any other disease so your priorities are mixed up.
I have no idea why or even if the nurse said what you claim, however that is immaterial since the reality is 4 weeks is conclusive. Some sites are more conservative and use risks that have never manifested in real life or else they are outdated so you won't find consensus, however no one will say more than 3 months, so we can't argue with whatever you claim you heard somewhere.
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"I’ve seen that some people take longer than 6 months. I’ve read cases of it." You don't have any medical training, so it is best to stop googling for death on the internet.  You can find some site that will tell you that whatever you can think of doing in the next 10 minutes can kill you, so that is pretty useless advice.
" I got flu-like symptoms a month after the encounter" You get them every year when someone coughs on your lips or food because you get a flu like billions of other negative people. Nothing special happening here.
The first step to peace is to stop googling for death and stop examining your body cold turkey because it is scaring you to death.
That’s truly what I was told honest to god. I just don’t want to get mixed information and the end result be bad. Should I speak to a specialist about my concerns/questions.
I live in Texas and the nurse told me that the department guidelines are to test at 6 months or more. I just don’t want to be confused. That’s all
No one this site will give you any different advice than I gave. We rely on the opinion of expert docs so the advice I gave is theirs.  So we can't argue with whatever you claim you heard somewhere or we will be here all night. Google the CDC guidelines - they are very outdated but they still only use 3 months so that should be good enough for you to relax and move on.
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Rest assured that your not infected because your multiple hiv test which are very very sensitive the duo test,have proven your hiv negative.
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Why would the nurse tell me different. Are there different guidelines for different tests. She told me that it could take 9 months. I just don’t want to be that person that takes for ever and gets sick in the future because a test missed it or because my body wasn’t producing enough response(s) for a test to be detected.
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