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HIV testing doubt

Hi Experts
I an a 29yrs old guy from India. I had my first ever sexual intercourse some 3 and half months back. It was a unprotected vaginal sex with a lady. I got scared and since then I have tested 8 times at regular intervals with HIV 4th generation duo test and all are negative. The last test I took was 3 and half months after my exposure which was HIV 4th generation duo test and it came back negative as well.
I am very convinced that I do not have HIV 1, but as I am from India and HIV 2 is somewhat more prevalent here. So just wanted to ask if window period for HIV 2 is same as HIV 1, or is it different or does it take more time to show up ? Can I consider my test at 3 and half months conclusive for HIV 2 as well ?
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"I am from India and HIV 2 is somewhat more prevalent here. "

The statement above is inaccurate. HIV-2 infection is mostly confined to West African countries. As suggested to you by other members, you have tested at the correct time frame for a definitive HIV test result. There is no point in contemplating, HIV 1 /2 or certain other subtypes any more.

You have yourself answered all your questions today, you don't have an HIV concern, you are scared of sex and that's not a normal thing. You need to work with a therapist to get over your fear of having sex, it is a normal human desire suppressing it or abstaining from it to evade from an irrational fear is not going to help you.

You tested 8 times for having sex with a person, that says everything; your assumption that this person was HIV positive is the core of the problem and this assumption took place because of your obsession. You need to fix that.

Once again,you don't have HIV and you don't need to test any further. Good luck.

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Thank you very much..I will work on my fears. Thank you for your valuable replies.
You don't doubt any other medical tests your doc runs so no reason to doubt hiv tests either to the point that you test 7 extra times. if you stop googling cold turkey that will likely end those fears, otherwise you will never get rid of them.
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HIV1 and HIV2 are different kinds of viruses, but duo combo 4th generation tests are sensitive to both kinds of virus. These tests are accurate 28 days after the exposure. So yours definitely indicate that you don't have HIV. For the next time, use condom and you will never have to worry about HIV. You sexual intercourse exposed you to other STDs not just HIV, so I recommend you to check our STDs forum to get more information.

All the best
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Thank you for your response.
I tested for other STIs as well as they are negative.
I was concern because I ready that HIV 2 virus replicates slowly..so I was thinking if it can take more than 3 months to produce antibodies ?
You have already been advised. Trust your test results, you do not have HIV. Never ever again unprotected with anyone, outside your mutually committed monogamous long term partnership.
Thank you very much for your inputs. Very much appreciated.
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