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HIV testing guidelines.

So, I had low exposure +8 weeks ago. Have had 3 negative ag/ab test after, at 26, 31 and 46 days.

Nurse who took tests says they are not conclusive, and I have to retest after 80 days.

CDC has changed guidelines? Iusti has changed guidelines to six week. But my government still says testing algorithm still is 3 months.

All my testing was made with Roche's ECLIA.

Can I really move on with my life?

Have had these flu-like symptoms over 4 week now, would ARS continue this long?

And would my six week test be positive 2 week after symptoms started if it really is ARS?

So frustrated this depate on window periods.
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You do not have HIV,  Also, if your symptoms were HIV related, you would test positive.  However, you need to follow the testing protocol of wherever you are being tested.

What was your exposure?
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My exposure was brief vaginal penetration with female who hiv-status is unknown to me. When I say brief, I really mean brief. Definitely under 5 second penetration, I would say 1-2 second max.
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Was it unprotected?

A 6 week negative very, very rarely goes on to change in the future.
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Yes it was unprotected. I I have used condom I would not be asking these questions in this forum. Anyway, because I am really anxious about this event, I got tested in 8 weeks also, just got the results and it's negative. Can I consider this conclusive?
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And the last test was a Duo also. 4 negative duo in 25, 31, 42 day and now the last in 8 week. All made in lab, all duo.

Can I consider myself free from hiv?
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