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HIV testing questions

hello there. I'm a female who had unprotected vaginal sex with a male of unknown status about 12 weeks ago. I have had a few tests already. At 10 weeks a 3rd generation rapid test (finger prick) and at 11 weeks a 4th generation ab/ag rapid test (finger prick) as well as a 4th generation ab/ag blood draw at 11 weeks. All negative. Oraquick oral swab at day 83 (negative). I plan on getting another test at the 13 week mark.

I have an autoimmune disease (Crohn's) as well as taking an immunosuppressant (Humira). Does anyone know if either of these could affect my 3 month window period? All I can find online is that the 4th gen test is more likely to give a false positive with an autoimmune disorder.
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There is no reason to test any further, regardless of your Crohn's disease.   Your 3th generation test was conclusive.  The only potential interference with test would be chemotherapy treatment for cancer, and even then, doctors are skeptical that the results would be altered.

Stop testing.  You do not have HIV.
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I was just mainly concerned that the window period for me may be longer than the standard 3 months due to either the Crohn's, Humira, or both.
Or even that I would develop antibodies later due to one of those two and I would have to keep testing past the 3 months. I know we don't like to talk about symptoms but that's the only reason that I'm even questioning it. 10 weeks after the exposure the partner that I had at least sent me his OraQuick results of a negative. That's all I have to go off of at the moment.
It does not matter what information you add to this timeline.  You do not have HIV.
". That's all I have to go off of at the moment." That is incorrect. All you have to go on is you tested conclusively negative so should move on, instead of making up unscientific fears that somehow your body is the only one in the world that is unable to be tested like anyone else's.
This also shows illogical thinking. "I know we don't like to talk about symptoms but that's the only reason that I'm even questioning it. " You are effectively saying that your supposed "symptom" proves you have hiv (ignoring the fact the test has proven you can't have hiv) but it can't be anything else, so you need to test for hiv.
Well my apologies for coming off as ignorant, however these are questions that I haven't had a direct response to no matter who I ask, which is what brought me here to you all. All I've had to go off of are responses of "test again at 12 to 13 weeks just to be sure".
No idea why someone would tell you to keep testing, but some sites are overly conservative.  
That's what I mean I'm not sure if it's because of the autoimmune disorder or the immunosuppressant that they thought that I should continue to test after the standard 3 month window period. If I had to keep this up for another 3 months I would absolutely lose my mind.
You have been advised here that those disorders are irrelevant, so there is no purpose trying to engage someone here about an irrelevant subject.
I have no idea who you talked to or whose site you looked at but it doesn't matter because we rely on the opinion of expert doctors so do not pay attention to other sites claims or else we will be here arguing all day.
There is nothing else I can say since hiv prevention and testing protocols are straightforward.
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