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HIV testing results. Questions!!!!

I had a brief sexual encounter in February of 2015. I knew the person very well and I confronted her about her status. I wasn't to worried about it cuz she's a friend. On my yearly check up I asked the doctor for HIV testing since I never had one.
The results came "blood sample not active for HIV". I assume this is a negative result right? I am schedule to see the doctor again this week to show him the results. My question is do I need further testing since it happened in February. And what does the number mean, the result came with the "blood not active for HIV" followed by a number "0,140". The results has a chart explaining but shouldn't it be zero since its " negative"? Also on the exam says 4° generation testing.

I am from Brazil and I think things are different from the USA!
P.s sorry about the english!
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Non reactive or not active is negative.
what was your exposure?? unprotected or protected sex?
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Unprotected vaginal sex. I did some research and I hear it's rare female to make transmission. Do I need another test?
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as it happened in February and if your test was recent or outside the window period you are negative,
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