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HIV testing

Hi I had an HIV blood test done in planned parenthood after my first exposure which was 16 weeks after (maybe more) and also it was exactly 6 weeks after the last exposure with the same guy. The test result was negative I know that the window period is 3 months (12 weeks) but since it was just 6 weeks after the last exposure should I get anotherone done? I should mention that right after the test maybe 4-5 days after that I started having itching in my ear the fluid of my ear started coming out ( I had the same thing happening 1 year ago which lasted for months , then went away) this time the same thing happened but I have to add that I got a very small rash outside of my ear canal but still on my ear . I did not have fever . I had diarrhea for 2 days but it was because of my period ( I usually get it when on my period sometimes even before that) . I have been very worried since I got that rash looking like stuff on my ear . Some say I shouldn't worry cause it was after 6 weeks but I don't know , it is the worst feeling ever . I have been very depressed and can't sleep at nights . I have been reading Dr. Edward Hook's post that he said if 6 week test comes out negative it is 95% accurate . Could I belong to that 5 % ?also I forgot to add that I had a belly piercing done about 3 months ago from today . After that blood test I got a rash around my jweley on my skin that lasted about 3-4 days.  Agin not sure if its all beacuse of the jwelery or hiv symptoms .please help me ! I would appreciate your kindness . Thank you in advance .
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What was your exposure?
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Sorry my english is not good but I guess u guys call it verginal intercourse ( excuse my spelling if wrong) and unprotected . Here is the rest of the story the guy that I was with was married and I never knew it after his wife found out about it , she made him get a test and when I asked her she said it came out negative which was maybe 1 week before I got my test. Way earlier than that when I met him I made him to take a test with my which came out negative and it was before this test that I told u about and it was 4 months a ago from today.
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Also all other STD tests came out negative. Taken at the same time of the blood test and the urine test at planned parenthood . I am very worried . Jesus can't think of anything. I be been crying like crazy . Please help me .
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A 6 week negative is very good,a 3 month negative is 100% conclusive.Just take the test then.All the best.
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Thank you very much for your respond . But do u think anyone can get any symptoms after 6 weeks . Since I started getting that itching right after 6 weeks. And the rash is very recent probably due to the itching and my ear fluid that got to different parts of my ear . ( they've been thee for like2 days) which is almost 4 weeks from my test.
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6 weeks is considered to late for classic ARS symptoms.
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Thank you very much. I will get another test and will update my post . Please pray for me . Hope i am fine .
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You will be fine & I will pray for you.
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