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HIV testing

I have seen a post in the community saying that the fourth generation test can completely exclude AIDS after 28 days.
I would like to ask the next.
After having sex 26 days, did 4 generations test, can you rule out AIDS infection?
I wonder if the 26 day fourth generation test is the same as the 28 day fourth generation test?
Does it have to be 28 days later?
Does 28 days include the day when I have sex? Or from the next day?
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28 days is when the 4th generation test given is considered conclusive. It's the same test give at 26 days but obviously 26 days is just shy of the 28 day declaration of being conclusive most people want.  It is extremely unlikely a negative at 26 days will change to positive but it's called 'conclusive' at 28 days. Same test though.
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All you need to know is here. https://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV-Prevention/AIDS-infection-route/show/3064370

" but I read a lot of other people's posts" so you should stop asking the same questions when you have read the answers numerous times. Consider therapy because your hiv fixation is wasting too much of your life.
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