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Is HIV 1&2 CMIA the same with HIV Duo?

I had my HIV test the other day it came back non reactive the method used was (CMIA) HIV Ag/Ab

I was wondering if the HIV duo test and the CMIA test are the same. Because through out the internet browsing the window period changes in different test.

I tested on my 28th day after sexual contact, but I used latex condom(durex invisible) and received an unprotected oral-genital sex. I know my risk are low to none, but I am just making sure. Still I am paranoid because its allergy season and I have very mild sore throat and my mind is thinking it might be HIV.

I also tested with other std's came back negative.
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Yes, I know the risks already, I did the test just to make sure and that I safe also and it adds to my peace of mind.

I want to know if the CMIA test is the same with the duo test.
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I answered that but if you KNOW the risks like you say, stop asking these questions. You are only feeding your own irrational anxiety.
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Protected sex is not a risk for HIV transmission (regardless of condom) nor is oral sex. You had no risk for HIV.Air ad saliva inactivate the virus and only the head of your penis need be covered. No risk means you didn't need to test at all. Symptoms of sore throat are never EVER used to diagnose HIV. Sore throats happen for many reasons.

The CMIA test is a 4th gen duo test accurate at 28 days and beyond to answer your question. You didn't have a risk for HIV though.
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