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HIV through contaminated needle

Hi all, I am based at South East Asia, due to Covid, we are all rushed to be vaccinated. Was placed in a small clinic for the vaccination.

Doctor was treating patients and vaccinating people at the same time. One was in crutches and bandaged, so doctor was treating bloody wounds earlier. And when it was my turn, I noticed the doctor:

1. accidentally touch the needle part (not the syringe) that went in to my arm

2. touch the plaster with her fingers, then paste the plaster to my needle jab wound (the plaster part she touched with the fingers, touched my fresh needle jab wound)

Reason for my worries is that I noticed the doctor and the nurses did not wear any gloves. And the doctor did not wash her hands when I see the next person came in for the jab …… If her fingers have some HIV blood residue, possible for a HIV transmission? Thanks all.
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What you describe is not a way that people get HIV.  The doctor touching the needle then injecting you with it is not a risk. Air inactivates the virus. Air on fingers. Air on whatever is in the open.  You can not touch something and get HIV.  The only risks for HIV are to have unprotected vaginal or anal sex or to share IV drug needles.  That means reusing IV drug needles to inject drugs, not a clinic vaccination.  HIV is not that common.  So, fingers with blood (and you say HIV blood, you make a giant leap that all blood is hiv blood, it definitely is NOT) residue will not result in getting hiv.
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Thanks so much for the insight. Yea, I was a bit paranoid when I thought about the ordeal. So in your opinion, even with HIV blood on her fingers that touches the needle that was fully jab in, and then same fingers that touch my needle jab wound, its no risk? Because the virus would have been inactivated in her fingers in the few minutes?
The advice was clear that you had zero risk since you didn't share needles to do an IV drug injection which is the only non-sexual risk for hiv. Your last questions are just repetitions of what you said earlier.  
Thanks for confirming all!
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