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HIV through scratching with nail and possibility through nail bed?

Hi All,

I had an freaking incident happened today morning. I went to gym as usual to do workout. I was handling a rod to do triceps exercise by bending slightly forward. By accidently, one of the guy made a slight collision with my thumb. The collision was between my thumb and his biceps area. Suddenly i realized there was some wet feeling in my thumb and around nail area. It was his sweat or may be his blood. I washed my hand immediately. It was just a small collision like just a touch for only a second.

I think it was his sweat mostly.


1) Is there a chance that my nail of the thumb can scratch his hand and got blood suddenly? if one can scratch others hand, can blood from other's hand stick to one's thumb nail immediately? We people have daily a lot of scratches and we get blood almost a second later after the scratch.

2) If it was blood, what is the risk for HIV to spread in this manner.

3) I dont have any cuts in my thumb or any other injury in my nail bed.  Is there any chance that it can enter through the area around and under the nail, called the nail bed.  People say even if i had small cut in my nail bed, HIV cannot enter in that way. All it need is fresh deep cut with bleeding and requires immediate medical attention. Is that true?

4) Is this my misconception or my anxiety that is driving me. Every one has anxiety in life and i want to get rid of this thing.

If possible please answer according to question numbers.

Sorry for using . pls understand me friends and help me. Hoping that your answer will relieve my stress.

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HIV is only transmitted by unprotected vaginal or anal penetrative sex, sharing needles or mother to child. You have nothing to worry about.

But I'm sure you've been told this before, It seems you're having trouble believing it, and you keep wondering if you could get HIV from common day situations.

May be you've developed some sort of HIV phobia and/or obsession, the anxiety forum might provide more help.
Thanks @alderick84 for replying to my query. You are right, thats only a depression that causes people to think like this.
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