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HIV transmission

What is the minimum time that a person can get HIV positive after the exposure By the HIV tridot test by dr j.mitra Kit?  
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Someone can test positive at maybe 2-3 weeks after exposure. Depends when the body starts to produce antibodies. But 3 months is conclusive.
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hi testing at 3 months post exposure would be conclusive with unprotected anal/vaginal sex or sharing iv drug needles.
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and this hiv positive results can come in HIV tridot test report?
(j. mitra kit)
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what are IV drugs needless?  
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vance  y u r deleted ur comments?
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I don't know. Didn't think it was a bad comment, but guess it was deemed not acceptable.

So I will say IV drugs is a drug that is taken from solid state, heat put to it to convert it to liquid form. The is it retracted into a syringe, mixed with blood and injected into a vein.
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